The Seven Worst Holiday Decorations Found on Etsy

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4. Holiday Decoration Christmas Plush Snowgirl
Price: $30
Etsy Description: "This stuffed snowgirl stands approx. 9" high with her hat adding some additional height. Her face and body are hand painted and inked to give her a unique own personality. This girl is obsessed with makeup and got a little carried away, but she's a girly girl after all. Hercarrot nose is made of a natural stone chip bead and she has decorative buttons down her front with a bit of bling and a lovely braided scarf! Her arms are twiglike made from a dark brown felt. Let's not forget her stylish hat topped with a little bead charm. A great gift or simply a treat for your holiday decorations!"
Translation: Look! I'm hot gluing shit on top of more shit! Happy Holidays.

3. BACON Charm, Christmas Ornament Polymer Clay
Price: $7
Etsy Description: "Everybody loves BACON!! Hand-made from polymer clay (Sculpey) and googly eyes, these little guys look real and tasty! The charm comes with a cell phone strap. Put some bacon on your Christmas tree, key-chain, zipper pull or purse/phone, and much more!"
Translation: Bacon's totally, like, still in right?

2. Vinyl Decal Menorah Celebrate Hanukkah Vinyl Wall Decal Holiday Decoration
Price: $14.95
Etsy Description: "Celebrate the festival of lights and decorate your home with all things blue and white! This beautiful Celebrate Hanukkah Menorah decal measures 6" tall and 12" wide."
Translation: Do you think the neighbors get it yet?

1.The Grumpy Cat Ornament by Grandma Thunderpants
Price: $14
Etsy Description: "Christmas is a time of love, giving, and togetherness... which coincidentally are the three things Grumpy Cat hates most. Show your disapproval of all things holly and jolly with the gift that says "I hate you. A lot." :D"
Translation: GRUMPY CAT!! GRUMPY CAT ON A TREE!! $$$$

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