The Seven Worst Holiday Decorations Found on Etsy

Categories: DIY

7. Christmas Ornament - NAKED SANTA
Price: $15
Etsy Description: "This cute little "NAKED SANTA" ornament measures approximately 2" tall and is made with Model Magic Clay - so he is very light in weight. This Santa has lots of character and lots of detail - from his friendly smile to his little backside, ha! This ornament is sure to become one of your favorites. :)"
Translation: Santa's butt! HAHAHAHAHAH

6. Handmade Chinese Fortune Cookie Fake Food Salt Dough Christmas Tree Ornament Holiday Decoration Decor Presents Gift Idea
Price: $4.95
Etsy Description: Handmade Chinese fortune cookie handmade from salt dough measuring 2x2 inches
Translation: Same as above, just replace "Handmade Chinese fortune cookie" with "vagina."

5. Ugly Hanukkah Sweater ANY SIZE Menorah Dreidel Festival of Lights 148 Elves Gone Wild
Price $38.50
Etsy Description: "Perfect for your holiday tacky/ugly sweater party! Why does Christmas get to have all the fun? Hanukkah can get in on the tacky sweater party time too! Dreidels! Menorahs! Stars of David! Hanukkah!"
Translation: Zooey Deschanel would totally wear this sweater.

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