The Seven Worst Holiday Decorations Found on Etsy

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Not every craft is a holiday success -- the cookies burn, the glitter spills, and you go a little overboard with the bedazzler. But something about the holiday season allows some of us forgive ourselves for our artistic failures, while leading others to turn to handmade cyber warehouse Etsy, where hundreds of pages currently advertise a range of holiday decorations from vendors around the globe.

In Etsy's holiday shop, ugly, inappropriate, and straight-up wrong is not in short supply. There are countless creepy Santas made from papier mache and dozens of "up"cycled wreathes that have seen better days in the can. Today, we're looking at ornaments, and we're not ashamed to admit that we're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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Inappropriate Santa

Price: $65
Etsy Description: "Santa has a little surprise for you.. hehehe Seriously though folks, be very careful when sitting on santa's lap this year, you may get more than you bargained for. "
Translation: You should see what we do for Halloween ...

il_fullxfull.184433437.jpeg" target="_blank
8. Father Christmas and Nisse - Hand Painted Santa Gourd
Price: $995
Etsy Description: "Father Christmas, the gift giver, is traveling through the Scandinavian countries. Going from hamlet to hamlet he spreads the blessing of harvest bounties. The fir trees from the northern wood to bring to the wheat farmers, and the wheat from the wheat farmers to bring to the apple growers, and from those apples come strudels to return with to the northern wood. He blesses each home as he travels."
Translation: Holy shit! I can paint a vegetable. This thing is worth at least $995.

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