Weekly Freebie: Island of Misfit Toys X-Mas Lux Pow Wow

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Each week, Jackalope Ranch brings you a free event, workshop, or you-name-it happening in Phoenix. Because sometimes the best things in life really are free. This week's freebie: Island of Misfit Toys X-Mas Lux Pow Wow

Picture this: It's Christmas day. All the presents have been opened. All the wrapping has been discarded. You've had more than your fill of egg nog and ham. And yet.... it's barely 3 p.m.

What's a person to do on his or her precious day off of work? Spend it entirely with the family, modeling mom's hand-knit gifted sweaters? On such a major holiday as Christmas one could hardly expect anything decent to be open... Or could they?

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Cue Lux Central to the rescue. The local coffee and cocktails hybrid hangout is proving yet again that the true meaning of "holiday" is "party." Starting at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Lux will be throwing down the Christmas shenanigans with beats from Sean Watson, Benni Beatnik, Deux Yeux, and Jared Alan. The Lux bartenders will also be mixing special holiday drinks behind the counter to get the people dancing- and best of all, there is absolutely no cover.

For more information, visit the party's event page and for updates on future Lux Central events follow them on Facebook.

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Lux Coffeebar

4402 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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