Twilight-Inspired Baby Names Top the Arizona Charts for 2012 (Seriously)

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Too bad E. L. James couldn't come up with cuter names for her sleezy, poorly written literary characters -- or at least names we could say with a straight face (sorry, Anastasia Steele).

In 2012, "Sophia," "Isabella," "Jacob," and "Ethan," ("Bella" and "Jacob" being the names of the two main characters in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, for those of you stuck under a glittery rock) were the most popular baby names this year in Arizona, followed by Emma, Mia, and Olivia, Daniel, Liam, and Alexander according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

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The state's top 20 names has remained pretty solid for the past few years -- the only newcomer in the top 5 for 2012 was "Liam" on the boys' side, perhaps inspired by the influx of raspy-voiced Liam Neeson movies (he released four in the past year) or Miley Cyrus' new fiance, Liam Hemsworth ... classy.

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Stuck under a glittery rock here, I've never seen a
Twilight" movie, or read any of the books: but I have lived near Forks, and if the characters are "traditional" vampires, e.g., sophisticated urbanites, they wouldn't be caught alive living in Forks.

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