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11 Spots to Party 'Til the End of the World in Metro Phoenix

Curse those pesky Mayans and the long-count calendar they crafted eons ago. It's got a good chunk of the general populace (well, the ones without a modicum of common sense, at any rate) wringing their hands and stocking up on freeze-dried beef stew about the alleged Armageddon that kicks off one week hence.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this whole doomsday kafuffle is the fact that the aforementioned ancient ones didn't specify the exact time when the earth's polarity will shift or cosmic rays will vaporize us all. How does one figure out how to spend their final hours when they don't know when that will be? (Too bad they couldn't have created a Facebook event or something.)

So if the world truly ends on either Thursday, December 20, or Friday, December 21, Jackalope Ranch has got you covered. We've pulled together a list of dance parties and art events taking place both days where you can help end the world not with a bang, but a rager.

--Benjamin Leatherman

The Seven Worst Holiday Decorations Found on Etsy

Not every craft is a holiday success -- the cookies burn, the glitter spills, and you go a little overboard with the bedazzler. But something about the holiday season allows some of us to forgive ourselves for our artistic failures, while leading others to turn to handmade cyber warehouse Etsy, where hundreds of pages currently advertise a range of holiday decorations from vendors around the globe.

In Etsy's holiday shop, ugly, inappropriate, and straight-up wrong is not in short supply. There are countless creepy Santas made from papier mache and dozens of "up"cycled wreathes that have seen better days in the can. Here's a look at ornaments, and we're not ashamed to admit that we're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

--Claire Lawton

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