Guilty Television Pleasures: Steve Wiley's Defense of Ancient Aliens

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Gimme a Break, It's on the History Channel.

Finally, they employ an intelligent-sounding Peter Coyote/Sam Elliot type to do the voice over.

Bingo. Interesting topic without a shred of proof! And they're off to the races with a fine little TV show. Pyramids. Crop Circles. Time Travel. You name it, it probably came from Aliens (check out the Da Vinci episode... that guy might have had to have help to be such a genius).

In a nutshell, Ancient Aliens is full of shit... and it teaches me a lot. How that's for a guilty pleasure?

Of course, witnesses claim I may not have actually written this. Many people believe this could be an ancient text delivered to the Sumarians. One possibility is that those people could be aliens too. What I maintain is that you just read it either way.

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Sigh...a guilty pleasure for me too.... all about the guy with the hair... enjoyed your article..great for a laugh.... watching the show as I type...

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