Valley of the Sunflower Papermaking Project Combines Sustainability and Local Art

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The Valley of the Sunflower Paper Project
Making sunflower paper
But sunflowers turned out to be a pretty a unique plant and according to Nore, it took about eight months of experimentation to perfect the papermaking process. Because of the extreme toughness of the stalks, the plants were left to ret in water and milk outside for two months in July and August. The cooking and beating processes each take an additional day, while making 40 sheets of paper can take another full day of work. In October, the trio presented their work in Cleveland, Ohio at the Watermarks 2012 papermaking conference.

"It's a physical process," Nore says. " And it's hard on the body."

To carry out the theme of sustainability, the team decided to give the paper to 22 local artists to use in a sustainability themed exhibition. The works will be exhibited at Combine Studios in downtown Phoenix from January 18 to February 10.

"It was really important to us to get a place close enough for people to make the connection [with the Valley of the Sunflowers]," Nore says. "We wanted to get the same community members involved."

For more information or to donate to the project, visit the Valley of the Sunflowers Kickstarter page.

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