10 Favorite Strip Clubs in Metro Phoenix (NSFW)

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Benjamin Leatherman
Alice from Hi-Liter Lounge

7. Hi-Liter
If the walls of the Hi-Liter could magically talk, you'd likely hear lurid tales from the vintage lounge's 50-year-history, as well as yarns about the countless voluptuous vixens who have shaken many a tailfeather over the last few decades. First opened in 1962 as a piano and cocktail parlor, it later became a go-go joint and topless bar in the '70s. But while its wide variety of resident ecdysiasts no longer sport thigh-highs or dance to Beatles songs, they're still plenty groovy. Besides its usual assortment of buxom blondes and Latina beauties getting topless, pulchritudinous pixies in the indie princess vein or roam the oft-crowded club cajoling patrons. One waifish brunette had a whole Zooey Deschanel thing going while another raven-haired female rocked horned-rim spectacles while providing a lap dance to a pale, hepcat-looking fellow. Guess the Hi-Liter is still hip after all these years.

sugar 44 phoenix.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman
Sugar 44 in Phoenix

6. Sugar 44
From the outside, Sugar 44 resembles any of the button-down stucco strip mall edifices common to its corner of Arcadia. Inside, however, is a lascivious tempest of vibrant lights splaying across undulating half-naked bodies as amped-up music drives the action. If not for the large onyx-colored stage equipped with a floor-to-ceiling brass pole dominating things, the place might easily be mistaken for nightclub or concert venue. It's an apropos comparison, since Sugar 44 has a certain badass air of rock 'n' roll raunch (it's significant hip-hop playlist aside).

Some of the female staff affect a sort of punky, Suicide Girls look, local body mod shops run advertisements on the HDTVs, and the DJ booth is dotted with local band stickers. Metal and alternative anthems also are in equal rotation with urban hits and club bangers, and the colorful clientele includes any number of rocker types into its mix. You might even catch some of the on-air talent from KUPD scoping out some flesh, as the station occasionally co-promotes event here, like the Tattoos 'n' Booze party.

Location Info


Christie's Cabaret

44 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Bourbon Street

2901 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Jaguars Gold Club

1902 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Skin Cabaret

1137 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: General

Candy Store Show Lounge

18613 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Sugar 44

4420 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Hi-Liter Lounge

4716 N. 12th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Pink Rhino Cabaret

3613 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Cheetahs Gentlemans Club

4125 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Bandaids Show Lounge

2548 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

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These clubs are all ghetto and have had problems in the past with getting shut down for drugs and guns, funny how things work, if you pay a couple hundred dollars you can get your clubs name in the directory as a place to go and visit. Stay away from Cheetahs and Pink Rhino especially, they have ghetto people hanging out in the parking lots and guns are everywhere. Cheetahs just re-opened after it was shut down for a shooting. For your own personal safety please stay away, if you want a nice club to go to go to Babes or Skin in Scottsdale or Christies Cabaret in either Tempe or Phoenix, and the top club in the city is  by far Bourbon St.

Princess Nessa Peterson
Princess Nessa Peterson

Go to a Phoenix Strip Club Youll most likely get shot by other patrons Id rather go to a SLS party :)


@Keith You obviously haven't been to Cheetahs in a while, or ever "Keith". The "shooting" was a dispute between a Jack in the Box (next door to Cheetahs) customer and one of his associates that had nothing to do with Cheetahs. That happened in June 2011. Funny how you "comment" 19 months later. CHEETAHS IS THE SAFEST STRIP CLUB IN ARIZONA BAR NONE. Never had a shooting, knifing or serious injury in 18 YEARS. At CHEETAHS the girls are beautiful, like the clubs you mentioned; the food cooked by a certified Chef is awesome (unlike all of the clubs you mentioned that have no food except Christie's); the facility blows away BSC, Skin and Babes and has an upstairs V.I.P., new cigar room and new glassed in V.I.P section Downstairs; is reasonably priced UNLIKE ALL OF THE CLUBS YOU MENTIONED; the girls won't hassel you for your money then split the minute you are broke which means you can actually enjoy your time at Cheetahs :Keith" and is well lit with lasers and light shows providing enough ambient light to actually see the girl two feet in front of you, unlike Bourbon Street which intentionally keeps their dancers in the dark to hide what they really look like. Are Skin and Babe's really topless clubs or bikini clubs where the girls wear pasties covering their nipples and areolas ? Why don't you just go to lake Pleasant - yu can sed girls in bikinis there for free LOL. If you are a true topless night club cusomer and not a disgruntled Hater, give CHEETAHS another try and report back.

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