Seven Must-See Exhibitions this Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix

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5. "Vector & Wood" @ GreenHaus
When Issac Caruso moved back to Phoenix after finishing school in Flagstaff, he jumped right into the local art scene. He's painted murals (one's in the works on Central Avenue) and hosted exhibitions of his artwork, which often involves collaborations with community members. In "Vector & Wood" Caruso creates portraits on wood, which will hang at GreenHaus through January 16.

4. SIGNS AND WONDERS The Ultimate Exhibit @ Deus Ex Machina
For five years, Phoenix artists Michele Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe, Jeff Falk, Steve Gompf, Dain Quentin Gore, Annie Lopez, Heather Smith-Gearns have showcased new work at Deus Ex Machina on Grand Avenue. And this month, they're saying goodbye to their space. "We exist in a web of signs and wonders that will always guide us, if we only have the eyes to see them. Now the synchronicities have aligned to show new horizons calling, and we must press onwards," Deus Ex members write. "December 7 will be the 5th anniversary of our original opening date in 2007. December 2012 will be our last show. Thanks to all who have supported us along the way-our patrons, guest artists and performers, gallery mates and partners, friends. You made it all worth while. Hope to see you all on First Friday as we celebrate the times we had."

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222 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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The Hive

2222 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Eye Lounge

419 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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1Spot Gallery

918 N. Sixth St., Phoenix, AZ

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214 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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