Santarchy Hits Scottsdale on Saturday Night

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Some of the more creative costumes at last year's Santarchy, included Pimp Santa, Lucha Santas, and Samurai Santa.

Another change to the event taking place this year relates to the entertainment. During the 2011 version of Santarchy, participants stopped in the middle of the crawl to watch a spectacular Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired performance on the Paolo Soleri Bridge by the fire-dancers of MourningFyre. This time, however, the troupe may instead present "something interesting" along the route.

"It's still being worked out, but they're not going to have a big performance like last year and will maybe have some surprises planned for along the way," Lykins says.

One thing that is certain about the event, however, is that costumes are not only encouraged, but required. While Santarchy attendees don't necessarily need to wear a red suit and a bushy beard (reindeers, elves, and other Santa-inspired outfits are acceptable), Lykins says they shouldn't just throw on a red hat and call it good.

"To me, a big part of Santarchy is that sheer impact of seeing hundreds of people dressed as Santa Claus and not being half-assed and wearing a red shirt and a Santa hat. That's kind of lame," he says. "It really doesn't cost a lot. You can get a whole range of bad Santa outfits ranging from $18 to $30. Some people go crazy and get the real Salvation Army-looking Santa outfits. And there's ladies dressed as Mrs. Claus and then a few people come as Hanukkah Harry or as elves or whatever. We'd never turn anyone away, but its definitely encouraged to wear a Santa outfit."

And then there are the creative variants that turn out every year, like the Pimp Santa or Samurai Santa who participated in 2011.

"I've been Darth Santa before and I might wear it again this year," he says. "There's definitely some good ones that come out to Santarchy every year."

Santarchy 2012 starts at 6 p.m. on Saturday at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale. Participation is free (although donations of new, unwrapped toys are encouraged). Visit the Arizona Cacophony Society website for the route and more details.

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Dos Gringos Scottsdale

4209 N. Craftsman Court, Scottsdale, AZ

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@PHXSantarchy I'll be out @ 8:30


It looks like Santa's balls exploded!  And Faux News says there's a war on Christmas - what a crock!


I got flipped off by Santa last year in Downtown Scottsdale! WTF. Take a chill pill Santa.

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