The Five Best Gems I Bought in Phoenix in 2012

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against the grain nameplate necklace.jpg
From left to right: Becky Bartkowski (images on note by Ashley Weber); Courtesy of Bunky Boutique
2. Nameplate Necklace from Against the Grain
Tempe-based jewelry designer Ashley Weber of Against The Grain made a limited series of brass necklaces exclusively for Bunky Boutique back in March. Instantly, I fell for the design, which reminded me of a treasured necklace that Bunky owner Rachel Malloy showed me when I toured her closet. Her grandmother Bunky gave her the piece, which spells out B-U-N-K-Y in diamonds.

I asked Weber if she might slightly modify the lettering for a custom order. She happily agreed, and now I have my own personalized piece of the Bunky story, along with a lovely little note Weber wrote me that includes images of the necklace being made.

bhldn box.JPG
Photo by Becky Bartkowski
1. My Wedding Dress
I bought a wedding dress. Not because I am a psycho (or Liz Lemon), but because I'm getting married in February. I bought it from Anthropologie's bridal shop BHLDN. The cut, color, and style are beautiful. I (gleefully) got it on sale on Cyber Monday. Luckiest of all, it doesn't need any alterations. For that serendipitous fact, I think all my hours logged shopping this year have more than paid off.

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