The Five Best Gems I Bought in Phoenix in 2012

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From left to right: Becky Bartkowski,, Becky Bartkowski
Three of my favorite finds this year
Because I hunt for gems every week, I shop what feels like all the damn time. In 2012, I longingly gazed at handmade leather goods at Prada's grand opening, nestled into plush couches at Restoration Hardware's The Gallery, toured the back room at Jewelry by Gauthier, splurged like a good American should on Fashion's Night Out at Neimans, and wrote about more collaborative lines than I could ever buy.

But, for me, shopping rarely equals buying. All right, maybe not rarely, but it's certain that the more time I've spent looking at items, examining pieces, and finding myself in awe or occasional disgust, the less I want to whip out the trusty AMEX. Though, some things I saw I had to have. Here are five.

5. Wonder Woman Cropped Top by Tiffe Fermaint
It's been a big year for Tiffe Fermaint. Apart from getting engaged and announcing that she's having a baby, the Phoenix-based designer released a super-cool collection of upcycled clothing called Reincarnation that she released through Buffalo Exchange. I arrived at the release party early because I needed this Wonder Woman top, the perfect combination of local love, Fermaint's edgy style, and comic book nerdiness.

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4. Brass Heart Necklace from Meat Market Vintage
Meat Market Vintage owners Cory Martinez and Ben Funke share a keen eye for funky vintage items, and I was so excited to see the pair open a brick-and-mortar boutique this year (they'd previously only sold via eBay). While my style usually skews more minimal than the bold, eclectic, and oft-kooky stock that Meat Market's staked its rep on, it's always fun to swing by and scope out their weirdly wonderful finds. On one of my first trips to the boutique, I picked up this oversize brass heart necklace that's been a statement staple for me this year.

3. Arizona Tote Bag from Madewell
State pride isn't always an easy look to pull off, but this Arizona-centric tote from Madewell had even me feeling pretty good about the place I call home. I've mainly used it as a decorative, conversation piece hanging on a wall in my apartment because I'd hate to muss it up. Note to others who like it as much as me: Though it was originally released in limited quantities when the shop's Scottsdale outpost opened, now it's available for purchase any old time.

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