Parent Hood: Three Sights to See with Your Kids over Holiday Break in Metro Phoenix

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A Holiday Light Tour

I realize that I'm not the first one in the Valley to suggest this concept, but it's not the trip, it's what you make of it.

... and let me tell you, my wife can take the simplest little idea and make it into an event. It is this Mom-ish behavior, I found out after finally tagging along on the Wiley Family Light Tour (that's not trademarked... yet), that is the key to making it great.

You see, in the past, I've always been of the "no, you guys go ahead without me" frame of mind, but this year I went ahead and joined the tribe. I shook my head as my wife prepared five giant bags of popcorn and went shopping for hot chocolate, but I decided to stay positive and put off my teasing in favor of a request for Apple Cider.

As night set in, and we went out to start the tour, I stuck my hand in my bag of popcorn and I began to understand. I threw on our mighty Capitol Christmas Sampler (one of the finest promo CDs I've ever received) and watched the smile light up my wife's face when she heard the opening notes of Nat King Cole's "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth". By the time we got to the first house on the tour, and I started in on my hot apple cider, I was hooked.

We saw some great lights, although not as many as we'd have liked, because of the rain. We saw some head-shaking, what-does-that-have-to-do-with-Christmas stuff, like a two-story inflated Koala bear. Most of all, I saw my family's faces as they marveled at the things people will do to decorate their houses, and we spent time together.

And that's what it all about. Spending time together. It's not about the mosaics, or the art, or the light rail, or even the holiday. Soon they'll be on their own, and I'll be longing for that time. So for now, the more adventures the merrier.

So whatever you do over break, here's a big "Happy Holidays" from Wileysworld and the Parent Hood!

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