Parent Hood: Three Sights to See with Your Kids over Holiday Break in Metro Phoenix

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The Phoenix Art Museum

That's right, I suggested taking your kids to an art museum. Not just any museum, the mighty Phoenix Art Museum. You say they are too little? They'll get bored? Not if you do it right. Here's how we do it:

1. Take public transportation. In Tempe, we usually walk down to College Avenue and catch the Orbit to downtown Tempe (we didn't in the video above, 'cause we had a pregnant lady with us) . From there, we get on Light Rail to the Museum in downtown Phoenix. Kids dig buses and trains. They're new and exciting.

2. Take a lot of pictures of the kids at the museum. That way, even if they aren't enthralled with all the art, they are part of the focus. Kids love to look at pictures of themselves. Better yet, they love, crave, and need the attention.

3. Engage the kids in the art. Ask them to watch for favorite types of art before you go in, and then ask them to explain afterwards. That helps you teach one of the key concepts of art appreciation: A person's opinions and feelings about it is the important thing. It also helps them feel important and it keeps them (semi) engaged.

4. Document your trip. The thing that my kids loved the most about the whole day was the video that I made to document the adventure (it's my first one, and it's a few years ago, but I wanted to provide some evidence for ya). It doesn't have to be a video -- pictures do the trick by all means. Just make sure the kids are the stars of the show (and to to check with museum big shots about photo/video rules).

Note: If you are still not convinced your kids will dig it, or you are an art-hater (what a bummer for you), then try the Arizona Science Center. Same potential for learning and quality time, different subject matter.

Phoenix Art Museum. N. Central Avenue, Phoenix. (602) 257-1222. Click here for museum information.

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