Guggenheim-Inspired Observation Tower Proposed for Downtown Phoenix

downtown phoenix observation tower sunset.jpg

Jackalope Ranch also spoke with Stowell, who mentioned that the observation tower could potentially be for Phoenix what structures like the Space Needle and Gateway Arch are to Seattle or Saint Louis, respectively.

"It most definitely would become an unforgettable part of Phoenix," he says. "This really could emerge as the next big important development for downtown."

But first, he says, the project -- which he estimates will cost an estimated $45 million to $55 million to build -- needs to ultimately receive approval from City of Phoenix officials.

"We've gotten signals from certain channels that we can move this [project] along quickly, but the speed at which it moves and everything else is dependent upon city approval and making sure everything is taken care of," he says.

downtown phoenix observation tower underside.jpg
An artist's conception of the observation tower.

Another factor involved with the project's timetable, Stowell says, is NovaWest's efforts in securing funding for the tower.

"We don't know exactly because we're right in the middle of our fundraising efforts," he says.

As such, Stowell isn't certain of an exact time frame, but optimistically estimates that the tower could be built withing two years.

"It isn't six years ago when things could get scratched up [and built] quickly," he says. "But were optimistic that the tower will become a reality."

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420 feet tall?

Interesting!  the AZ-420!  Will they have carts selling potato chips and other munchies near the top? 

The slogan could be "Get High in Phoenix"!

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