Nine Must-See Santa's From This Weekend's Santarchy

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3. Satan Claus
The demonic antithesis of Santa, who came out with pitchfork in hand and had a hellacious good time engaging in a serious amount of sinful behavior all evening.

2. Angus Young Santa
If you'll pardon the pun, this character's mashup of AC/DC co-founder Angus Young and Kris Kringle was dyn-o-mite (see what we did there?). His ensemble had all the details down pat, from the schoolboy outfit to the guitarist's signature scowl. We caught up with the rock 'n' roller in between Spanish Fly and American Junkie and stopped him for a pic, but sadly forgot to ask if he could pull off the duckwalk.

1. S&M Santa
As the story goes, Santa maintains a list of folks who've been both naughty and nice every single year when deciding who's getting pimp presents and who's getting coal in their stocking.

This black-clad variant of Father Christmas, however, is only interested in a list of those who've been bad, particularly members of the female persuasion. After all, he's got plenty of punishment to dispense to those lascivious ladies. As such, he not only wore dictator-like paramilitary hat, but also had handcuffs, a paddle, and other wicked looking accessories hanging from his belt.

Wanna sit on his lap?

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