Nine Must-See Santa's From This Weekend's Santarchy

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5. Biker Santa
When we encountered this particularly interesting fellow strolling down 75th Street on his way past American Junkie, the first thought that popped into our heads was "Uh...Wolverine Santa," probably because he sported some heavy-duty facial scruff similar to the clawed Marvel comic book character and member of the X-Men.

Turns out he wasn't riffing on Wolverine, but was instead calling himself "Biker Santa" and proceeded to remove his leather motorcycle jacket and show off his, er...fancily wrapped package, which included a pair of jingle bells attached. And as you can see from our photo, he also was also clad in a pair of chaps, which were of the assless variety.

We refrained from grabbing a picture of that, however. You're welcome.

4. Gangnam Style Santa
Given the phenomenal worldwide popularity of South Korean pop star Psy's viral hit "Gangnam Style," we weren't surprised to see someone dressed as a Santa inspired by the song and it's creator. Thing is, we were probably one of the few to actually recognize the outfit as such. "Everyone kept asking me, 'Are you James Bond?'" says the gentleman who wore the outfit. Thankfully, he restrained himself from yelling out "Hey, sexy ladies!" or doing Psy's signature horseriding move.

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