Nine Must-See Santa's From This Weekend's Santarchy

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Dozens of faux Santas traipse through Scottsdale last night during Santarchy.

Although Christmas might be just over two weeks away, Santa Claus came to town this past weekend. As did Pimp Santa, S&M Santa, and Darth Santa, as well as an entourage consisting of countless sexy reindeer, dozens of drunken elves, and numerous walking holiday trees in tow.

This year's edition of the annual Christmastime costumed bar crawl Santarchy took place on Saturday night and the turnout was enormous. More than 500 participants dressed in Santa suits and other holiday-inspired getups besieged multiple Old Town nightlife establishments - ranging from Giligin's and Martini Ranch to American Junkie and The Lodge - overwhelming bartenders and packing each place to capacity. Amongst all the raucous revelers were nine unique Santas which caught our eye because their utter creativity.

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9. Santa Clown
Everyone loves a clown (except for coulrophobics, that is), especially when they're also dressed as Santa Claus, like this humorous scamp that we encountered at Spanish Fly. Unlike most dudes who wear clown makeup out in public, however, he wasn't of the trashy Insane Clown Posse-loving Juggalo variety and instead is a bonafide member of the Seattle Seafair Clowns (a group of street performers who also work with charitable organizations in the Emerald City).

8. Sinterklaas
According to history, the legend of Santa Claus is partially inspired by the fourth century Greek bishop Saint Nicholas, who was renowned for his charitable nature and generously providing gifts to the impoverished masses.

Over the ensuing centuries, his story eventually morphed into the European fable known as Sinterklaas, which in turn became part of modern folklore surrounding the Christmastime figure.

This Santarchy regular, who's particpated in the event for a few years now, created a very elaborate costume that both honors Kris Kringle's historical roots and faithfully depicts Saint Nicholas/Sinterklaas, from his flowing canonical vestments and robes right down to the bushy beard and crucifix-adorned crozier staff.

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