Nine Classic Holiday Commericals (And One That's Just...Wrong)

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7. Enjoy the Lites
Miller Lite

Epic lights + epic music = one awesome Christmas commercial good for a solid 30 seconds of holiday-themed entertainment.

6. Learning to Ice Skate
Ronald McDonald

Back to the classics with this commercial featuring none other than Mr. Golden Arches himself. It's sweet and innocent enough to make us feel less guilty about the Big Mac and fries we'll noshing on as we road trip to and from the relatives' houses -- almost.

5. Are You Ready For the Two-Day Sale?

After watching this commercial we started to second guess our preparedness for the holiday shopping season. Everything from the all-red tracksuit to her cherry red heels have us laughing at these 2010 ads.

4. Melting Snowboy

For over a decade we've been seeing that brilliant smile at the end of this commercial and even though I think we've all come to realize Campbell's Chicken Noodle is like, the lamest soup on the planet, this commercial continues to bring out the little kid in us all.

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