Nine Classic Holiday Commericals (And One That's Just...Wrong)

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There are some advertising campaigns that transcend time and live in our holiday-associated memories for, like, ever. They bring us back to the good old days, when Christmas shopping didn't stress us out to the point of hair loss and Thanksgiving dinner just wasn't our problem. For laughs (like the Target Two-Day Sale ad above, love her) or for that warm, fuzzy feeling we associate with the season, these little gems truly deliver.

So as you tactically plan your next mall mission or click your way through the Internet retail-verse, take a moment to look back on some of the best holiday commercials we've ever seen. Oh, and one involving dirty Mrs. Claus, a snowman and...well, you'll see.

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9. Peter Comes Home for Christmas

For starters, this commercial has to be up there as one of the longest running commercials of all time and even once they pulled it, they recycled the idea again (see below.) But there's something sweet about this vintage ad that not only makes us want a cup of Joe, but also puts us in the true spirit of the season.

(And again...)

8. Can't Wait For Christmas
Jason Lewis

The combination of music and adorable child acting in this one makes us want to cry and grin simultaneously. We've all felt his impatience as we wait for the big day, but in a touching turn of events, he also serves to remind us that the holidays are about supposed to be about giving. We hear you little guy, we hear you.

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