Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Film Fanatic

Still holiday shopping? So are we -- and we've been taking notes. Introducing our series of gift guides for your "easy to figure out, but hard to shop for" friends. Today, Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Film Fanatic.


Finding the perfect gift for the cine enthusiast in your life can be as impossible as finding a good Nicholas Cage film. Movie tickets are painfully generic -- even if you package them creatively in a popcorn tub. A movie rental gift card is even worse considering the nearest Blockbuster has long since been boarded up.

What to get that person who displays Grinch-like behavior at the mere suggestion of watching classic holiday flick The Santa Clause (or any Tim Allen movie for that matter)?

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Here are five gift ideas from around town and across the Web that will surely satisfy your film buff's celluloid taste.


5. For the Red Carpet Filmgoer
Who says gifts have to come in boxes? Treat your movie maven to a luxurious silver screen experience at the iPic Theaters at Scottsdale Quarter. It puts an elegant spin on the standard dinner-and-movie night because you actually eat dinner during the movie. You can bring your dinner into the theater with you or, if you prefer, have it delivered directly to your seat. If you'd rather eat at a table, there are several dining options as well as a full cocktail bar within the cineplex. This theater offers the usual selection of new releases and blockbuster hits -- the only caveat being that your feet don't stick to the floor as you try to exit the theater.

iPic Theaters has all the glitz and glam of a star-studded Hollywood movie premiere -- except there is no red carpet and very little chance of spotting a celeb. OK, it's nothing like a movie premiere but it beats the popcorn-scented experience you'd get at your usual cinema, right?

4. For the Wannabe Director
A must for your beloved film buff are tickets to next year's Phoenix Film festival. It's the ultimate gathering of local cine savants and provides a wide selection of films for every taste. It also gives your beloved movie critic the opportunity to corner Bill Goodykoontz and discuss his unfair review of The Last Airbender.

Festival passes are already on sale but the film selection won't be announced until February.

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