A Profanity Lesson with Grandma and Frank Zappa

An Interesting #!%#!! Parental Dilemma

That's how I handled it as a son. The question is, how does a hoodlum such as I handle this kind of a thing as a parent?

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Like all parental issues, it's a matter of opinion and debate. My oldest son is a Freshman in High School, his brother is a seventh grader. They both assure me that the dreaded F-word is a well-established vocabulary word at both the middle school and high school levels. Despite their opinion and and my own openness to the fine art of vulgarity, we've still got a society within which we have to operate.

Admittedly, even if I was OK openly cussing in front of the boys, Teacher Beth (that's Mrs. Wiley) will have nothing of it over here in Wileysworld. I could be passive-aggressive and take the route of one of my former customers, who told me that his dad never cussed in front of his mom, but that the minute she left, he let the blue stream flow, but that's not my style. Am I more language-aware when Mom is home? I guess, but my intention is to keep it to the occasional 'shit' or 'goddamn' regardless of the situation, and I'm usually pretty good.

In the meantime, like many aspects of parenting, there's a level of hypocrisy involved. Especially in their formative, at-home years. The filters are completely off for my older daughters (22 and 29 years-old), but my wife and I agree that they are necessary in a house full of teens and tweens.

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