Five Gift Wrapping Trends to Try on Pinterest

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We'll be the first ones to admit that we've given Pinterest a hard time over the year- from the worst pregnancy trends to the 5 Christmas trends we want to avoid at all costs.

But whether we're chocking it up to the holiday spirit or one too many egg nogs, we'd like to take this time to acknowledge some of the finer things that Pinterest has brought us - specifically, the various styles for wrapping Christmas presents. Because all kidding aside, that shit's art.

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Butcher Paper Collage.jpg
Buy some butcher paper.

Let's start off with the basics. For those of you still buying prepackaged wrapping paper (consider the irony there for a minute) save yourself the money and just get a big ol' roll of burtcher paper. Why? Because Christmas and Chanukah aren't the only holidays you're going to be celebrating in the next 12 months. There are birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and whatever new holidays Hallmark decides to generate in a financially dismal season.

Before you know it your storage closet is filled with barely used gift wrap and you're trying to pass off Santa as a generic bearded man on Father's day.

Thanks to Pinterest, we have been shown the magic of brown butcher paper. Stamp it, paint it, punch it up with some glitter and doilies - there's really no end to this blank paper canvas.

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