Bucky Miller's Destroyer at the Night Gallery

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Bucky Miller
Along those same lines, what was the guiding idea behind this show?

I love Hollis Frampton. I've used him as inspiration before and I probably will again (I'm already planning something). This time I got the title of the show from an essay he wrote on Eadweard Muybridge in which he refers to "entropy, the destroyer." Presented without that context, Destroyer ends up taking on a whole gaggle of connotations that really depend on how the viewer reacts to the work. I've joked that it's a show about the liminal space between creation and destruction.

What kind of camera did you use to shoot these photos, and is it your standard?

The pictures were made with two small Canon cameras - an S95 and the S100 that replaced it when it broke in Palm Springs. They have tiny sensors that render the world in a really different way than a larger digital camera would. I'm incredibly interested in how the supposedly reduced image quality, which is really a very silly term when you think about the implications of an image being of reduced quality, toys with the picture, and pulls everything into this sort of digitized equilibrium. It's also a lot easier to carry than any of my other cameras. It's definitely the one that I use the most.

Are you an Arizona native? What do you think of the art scene here?

I am an Arizona native, and I love it. There is a really interesting movement, photographically at least, that I sense brewing here, where people are getting fed up with the documentary trend that is currently at the front of the discussion. It could be called a partial return to high modernism that is really cognizant of everything that has happened along the way. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of us are going to have to move away to keep the conversation fresh. I definitely plan on spending a healthy amount of time away from this place next year.

Destroyer will be on show at the Night Gallery through December 30th. You can check out the event page on Facebook for more info on the exhibit or take a look at Bucky Miller's website to learn more about the artist himself.

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