Last Minute Gifts: Augmented Reality Children's Books, or The Young Person's Illustrated Primer

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Of course if that all sounds a little too educational all their books also include some straight up video games that incorporate augmented reality. The construction book has a breakout clone that's surprisingly fun, it's like a Kinetic game that doesn't get distracted when the cat runs through the living room. The planets book has you in a missile command style game with a 3D battle map that you have to bob and weave around.

As with many things, it's probably just easier to try it out for yourself. If you have a compatible device you can download the software and test patterns. They've got the shuttle launch pattern on there as well as bugs, construction and a few others.

Augmented reality technology is still very much in its infancy and while using a camera equipped tablet or phone to see an invisible world of information grounded in reality might be clunky, the creators are the first to admit that the future is definitely in wearable augmentation. They say they're very excited to see what will become of Google Glass and similar technology which will take augmented reality and integrate it into your average walking around experience. Even then we're still a ways off from the science fiction dreams for augmented reality.

But in the meantime, for a taste of the future you can order some Popar books online. They sell kits that come with a webcam to help you get started for $40 but the books themselves are only $20 so if you already have a webcam, smartphone or tablet you can just grab a book and download the free software. If you want to save on shipping, or hoping to snag one of the sold out products you can swing by Kidstop Toys in Scottsdale. The should also have a demonstration kiosk there so you can get some hands on time before making the purchase.

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