Five Things We Love About the Wii U

3. The Innovation

In a bid for your entertainment center, Nintendo integrated television functionality into the Wii U and titled it "Nintendo TVii." The plan is to allow parents a chance to watch their shows while the kid plays the new Mario title on the controller nearby. This cuts down on the number of TVs in the house and also gives kids the ammunition they need to hopefully end up with a new console under the tree come Christmas.

2. The Not Having to Buy Accessories

Nintendo's modus operandi for the past 2 console generations was to release expensive peripherals for AAA a year or so after a console's release (Wii Motion Plus, card reader thing for GBA). The Wii U seems like it has the majority of stuff you're going to need for it, and the peripherals you're going to buy are probably going to be the ones available at launch.

1. It's pretty dang fun

During the hour we had to play around with it, the console seemed like a combination of modern gaming and the classic Nintendo feel. The sidescrollers are there and Mario will speak in a high-pitched voice again, but the childlike glee of tilting a controller and watching a cart move around the screen is something that'll be fun for gamers of all ages. Check it out, pick it up, or wait for a friend to do it and mooch off of them.

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I myself, have over 160 wii games and love very much many, many of them and definitively have fun with each and everyone, no dust, no closet... I use it every day since lunch and I do have other consoles also, so for me it's all about having a fantastic time with video games. One thing I appreciate the most is -creativity, amazing ideas and above all, the little details- and those my friends, you can have them on any console, regardless of specs, generation, HD, versions etc. "All is good when you can simply embrace all the fun that lies on VGs"


"was a gimmicky letdown and took up residence in closets everywhere a few months after release." Not for me and many others. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Xenoblade, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Sports Resort, Kirby's various games, GoldenEye 007, Monster Hunter Tri, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, NSMB Wii, Tatsunoko, Mario Kart, and many others made it my most played console. So speak for yourself, Phoenix New Times blogger. Perhaps you're as aware of the industry as the press who covers it-- i.e. not at all.


 @Ouii I played my wii a ton, especially Monster Hunter. 


Monster Hunter releasing at the end of march is also the reason that I purchased a wii u.


I've been a gamer all my life, and have had most of the Nintendo consoles.  I also game on xbox, and play it a fair bit.


I don't understand the hate, and to think that some gamers hope nintendo will fail is just sensless imo.



 @Stealth couldnt agree with you more...isnt it messed up how

many people who never put down a dollar to the system and games, all of a sudden know more about what we did with our console, than us?..But hey lets be grateful at least this one has a positive spin on the matter.

lest we get the flood of :"why buy x amount of years obsolete console for?"


My Wii u is in company of my gaming pc, and i have a feeling it will stay that way for a loooong time. 


Hi teknik! I guess it's fair enough to say that maybe -Not Being Satisfied With Anything or Not Being Able To Enjoy Things simply For What They Are- is part of human nature... You can see it every day, people give priority at ranting endlessly about something rather than exploiting that same amount of time for enjoying themselves with whatever they do like to do. They go as far as being angry with anyone who genuinely enjoys what they think is "bad" or "broken".

It would be best to hear--> "I like my games, I adore the ones on Nintendo Consoles, you like yours; lets be friends and invite me to have fun and to  share a good video game moment. That's all, we don't have to convince each other" Sounds insanely healthier and easier don't you think?...

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