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Nine Thanksgiving Weekend Parties in Metro Phoenix

According to our estimates, the Thanksgiving weekend lasts approximately 112 hours, starting at the exact moment you leave work on Wednesday afternoon until the dreaded moment you report back to the salt mines the following Monday.

Subtract the time it takes for the annual T-Day meal itself (as well as the requisite food coma) and you've still got plenty of time left to kill over the four-day holiday. Instead of wasting away the hours watching football, the Macy's parade, or engaging in the annual fracas known as Black Friday, consider shaking a tailfeather at one of the Thanksgiving weekend parties being put on at many of the Valley's bars and dance clubs, including the nine celebrations we've found.

--Benjamin Leatherman

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Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln
Five Must-See Movies in November

The way films come and go, in and out of theaters, usually it's easier to miss a movie than catch it. That makes planning ahead a must when it comes to moviegoing in the Valley. That's also why we've handpicked five must-see flicks screening this month to add to the ol' planner. Snag some snacks and scope out our picks.

--Becky Bartkowski

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