Five Exhibitions to Check out During November's Third Friday

Categories: Visual Art
3. "Decipher" Work by Thomas "Breeze" Marcus @ First Studio
Thomas Marcus goes by "Breeze" and his work can be seen on public walls throughout Phoenix. The local artist is known for his pattern work (a nod to the weavings of Tohono and Akimel O'odham) and for his deep roots in graffiti. He works in all scales, but mostly in aerosol paint, which he's used to Downtown's Regular Gallery (now Roosevelt Row headquarters) in a map tribute to our ancient canal system and the side of Cartel Coffee with an enormous Phoenix -- to name a couple.

According to Breeze, "Decipher" refers to social connections. "Deciphering what the line means: words, forms or figures? Trying to make sense of these multiple layers involves open thought of abstract mixed with a graffiti edge. However the work is deciphered the end result enlarges tradition in a new contemporary way. Using imagination to identify the forms becomes hours of study and entertainment."

First Studio, at 631 N 1st Ave., will be open from 7 to 10 p.m..

Eye Lounge Gallery
2. Deserted @ Eye Lounge
Eye Lounge artists joined efforts with Jerusalem-based artists this year in an art exchange to "create a connecting trade route of information, ideas and cultural awareness."

Last month, the Phoenix-based artists had their work shown at Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem, and this month, the Downtown gallery will be host to Jerusalem-based artists including Michael Yakhilevich, Adi Shalmon, Leonid Zeiger, Bitya Rosenak, Oded Zaidel, Dvorit Ben Shaul, Doron Adar, Renata Rivkin-Gal, Shimon Lev, Vered Aviv ,Max Epstein, Yemima Ergaz, Meirav Davish Ben Moshe, Sarah Nina Meridor, Yochi Negev & Yossi Galanti. Curated by Doron Adar & Meirav Davish Ben Moshe.

"This exhibition seeks to investigate notions of locality and how displacement of art into regions of transitive similarities operate," writes Sean Deckert of Eye Lounge. "Bringing the work of Jerusalem based artists to Phoenix and the work from Phoenix to Jerusalem creates a connecting trade route of information, ideas and cultural awareness that we hope will expand the dialogue around desert related issues through art."

"The landscape we encounter in this group of works is of nowhere, it is as if we see an idea of desert but not the actual scene," writes Meirav Davish Ben Moshe of Agripas 12 Gallery." Broken widthwise lines and a conceptual meditative approach leads to sequence of personal and idiosyncratic statements that does not accumulate to a clear cohesive image. One cannot locate the images at a certain geographical boundaries of the Israeli desert whether it is the Negev, the Judea desert or the Aravah."

Eye Lounge will be open from 5 to 10 p.m..

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