Guilty Television Pleasures: Kristin Gilger's Defense of The Voice

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Adam Levine is edgy and tattooed and has a running feud with Blake Shelton over the best singers. When a singer chooses Adam, Adam can't contain himself. He runs onto stage and delivers giant hugs. He promises the moon.

When Blake wins one of these disputes, he gets up and struts around in triumph. And seeing Blake Shelton strut is truly a thing of beauty. It's not just his height (well over 6 feet) or his dimples (one on each cheek) or the black suits and cowboy boots (a man has no right to look that good in black suits and cowboy boots). It's also the soothing drawl and the way he simply exudes niceness. You can just tell he grew up in a little town in Oklahoma where his mother ran a beauty shop and his dad sold cars. You just know he goes back there to see them every chance he gets.

If I ever get on The Voice (an entirely unlikely prospect since I can't sing) I don't care how many of those chairs turn around. I can picture it clearly: Blake will push his button just as I'm finishing the final, sad notes of "Landslide." There will be a hush while Blake looks at me, and then he will open his arms wide.

Kristin Gilger

Member, Team Blake

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