Shine: Your Pocket Guide to Scottsdale Including Interviews with Creatives by Laurie Notaro

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Phoenix New Times' Shine
It's all about sequins and flashing lights as Scottsdale welcomes a few new clubs, bars, and galleries and gears up for its holiday season.

If you're headed in the direction, need a few spots to check out after a show, or are just looking for a few things to buy/see/eat/drink, we've got you covered.

Introducing Shine.

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LASTPAGE_Nataro 1.jpg
Laurie Notaro, illustration by Claire Lawton
This year, author and Phoenix New Times contributor Laurie Notaro interviewed four creatives in Scottsdale who dominate the visual, shopping, food, and nightlife scenes. Take a look inside Shine and stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch for her interviews with Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's Tania Katan, the fashionable Robert Black, Cowboy Ciao's pastry chef Country Velador, and Citizen Public House mixologist Richie Moe.

You'll see the sequined pocket on newsstands, counter tops, and coffee tables starting today, and, If you're lucky, throughout the year. Check out Shine online or grab one while you can ... and read Notaro's shopping story below:

It was a turquoise blue silk dotted with a brown and beige floral print, a slight ruffle at the neck. With a slim 40's silhouette, the waist was cinched in enough to be flattering, and enough for me to know that I would never fit into it.

I bought it anyway.

I unpacked it carefully and hung it in my closet, hoping that I'd forget about it long enough for the Apocalypse to happen, get a parasite or any other event that would result in enough weight loss that I could finally fit into it.

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