Oprah's Favorite Things 2012: The Wants, The Wishlist-Worthy, and The Whatever Pile

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The Whatever Pile
Not only is this a Josh Groban album ($10). This is a Josh Groban that all-powerful Oprah has dubbed a favorite thing before. Really, Winfrey? If there's holiday music playing at our house, you better believe it's Snowed In by Hanson. Further insulting our taste is the inclusion of Jessica Simpson shoes ($79 to $139). They may be polite knock-offs, but there's no way we're hoofin' it courtesy of a woman who cannot decipher chicken from tuna.

Also, yeah right, Oprah, we're totally going to spend money on some cards with our pets' portraits on them ($299). All of our friends and fam already get eyefuls of our furry friends thanks to the very free Instagram app. Pffft.

In case you missed the Favorite Things ep, you can catch a rerun on OWN on Friday, November 23.

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