Laurie Notaro and Her Fellow "Idiot Girls" Help a Friend in Need After Hurricane Sandy

The house is uninhabitable -- what didn't float out into the Atlantic Ocean was submerged and covered in inches of mud and sand. There is no power, and efforts to re-establish gas was halted after four houses on the island exploded. For the Ascolillos, the thinness of their new life can be boiled down to the fact that the kids don't even have a second change of underwear.

They literally have nothing.

My friend Sasha, also a reader and a Facebook friend, returned from dropping off clothes and essentials to Bobby and Lucille -- whom she had never met before -- and posted this:

"I met the family and was given hugs. There were tears. I cried too. I was taken to their house where they had weathered the storm. The neighborhood was devastated. Boats slammed through houses, garage doors and house doors ripped off. Refrigerators were washed outside. 'See that green house across there?' she asked me. I replied I did. She pointed to a space next to it. 'There was a house there. I don't know where it went. A whole house ... disappeared.' We entered her house. The first thing that hit me was the smell of flooding and water. The air felt damp and heavy. Everything was covered in mud. There were marks on the walls over four feet high where the water had come in. The stove had water in it. It was easy to see the water had picked up everything downstairs and dumped it elsewhere. Dressers were moved or tipped over. A lifetime of memories were sodden, muddy, and destroyed. I looked at her in horror. Nothing appeared salvageable. What do you say? ... How unfair that this family had given so much during 911, only to have the husband end up with not only diabetes, blindness, but cancer as well."

When it was time to go, Sasha relayed that she didn't want to leave; she wanted to stay and help them however she could, but was afraid that because of the curfews and national guard patrols at night, she wouldn't be able to get off the island to get back home.

"After I said goodbye, with hugs and an agreement we would be lifelong friends, I pulled the car down the street," Sasha said. "Then I stopped when I was out of eyeshot, and burst into tears."

To help, visit the the Ascolillos Everribbon page.

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Laurie, I LOVE you. And Sasha. And Wendy. And every one of your readers. Thank you! xoxoxoxo

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