Laurie Notaro and Her Fellow "Idiot Girls" Help a Friend in Need After Hurricane Sandy

The response was instantaneous and incredible. In two days, we have raised $4,500 for the Ascolillos in donations of $5, $10, $200 -- whatever people felt comfortable with and could give. Other readers have traveled from Conneticuit and New York to deliver clothing, pillows, food, and dog toys to the Ascolillos, who are still living in the fire house with other people who have also lost everything.

Others are sending clothing and household items from every corner of the country to help Lucille and Bobby and their kids. They filled prescriptions for Bobby, and are mailing giftcards to Lucille's PO Box, (297 route 72 W #111 Suite 35, Manahawkin, NJ 08050) in hopes that a little from each of us can add up to a lot.

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Laurie, I LOVE you. And Sasha. And Wendy. And every one of your readers. Thank you! xoxoxoxo

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