Hunter Gomez, Hollywood Actor and ASU Student, Talks James Dean, Army Men, Twilight, and Making It All Work

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Photo courtesy of Hunter Gomez
You know those "actor" kids who casually brag about their Hollywood agents and past commercial acting gigs? Yeah, well Hunter Gomez isn't one of them.

He's a pretty normal kid -- except that any given Monday, Wednesday, of Friday might find him in the booth recording voices for the TV show Family Guy or jet setting to Los Angeles for his next audition.

We sat down with the 20-year-old political science major at Arizona State University to find out how he balances school with his burgeoning acting career and why he feels his education is worthwhile.

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Unless you're a huge fan of the National Treasure movies (looking at you, dad) or a regular viewer of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, you probably wouldn't recognize Gomez's face. But he says he gets a lot of business because of his face. In the National Treasure flicks Gomez, then age 10, played young Nicholas Cage. He's also landed roles playing junior versions of Justin Timberlake and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Photo courtesy of Hunter Gomez
Sitting at the Memorial Union on the ASU campus, Gomez looks little like, well, any of those guys but does carries a semblance to his acting hero, James Dean. He's got the hair thing going on.

"I love how careless [James Dean] is in his scenes," says Gomez. "It's so real. And he wasn't running towards cameras - he was just....James Dean. That's like, the epitome of cool."

In an ideal world, he says he'd love to take a swing at Dean's seminal role in Rebel Without a Cause. In the real world, he's waiting for his latest film and voice acting work to wrap up production. This summer saw Gomez doing laps in a pool in Virginia as he filmed Coach of the Year, an independent film about a team of underdog swimmers. He'll also appear - or at lest his voice will - in the upcoming season of Family Guy.

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