Maison Martin Margiela for H&M: The Good, The Bleh, and The Baffling

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Photos courtesy of H&M
The Baffling: We love Maison Martin Margiela for innovation and boundary-pushing creativity, but there's only so far we're willing to go when it comes to incorporating crazy creations into our real lives. See the super-cool, but JNCO-reminiscent, oversize trousers ($129) that we sincerely wish normal women could carry gracefully -- alas. Then there's a hair lock necklace ($13) that'll escalate your outfit to murder-creep levels. Remember Crispin Glover in the Charlie's Angels remake? Us, too. Eeeesh. Finally, on the freaky front, MMM treats us to a two-dress fusion ($199) that looks like Edward Scissorhands got bored. Blerg.

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