Hard Goods: Concrete Artisan Brandon Gore to Open Shop in Phoenix

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Courtesy of Brandon Gore
Come late November, you'll need to add a must-see stop to your holiday shopping route.

Brandon Gore's been busy crafting concrete furniture pieces and decor in his studio and hauling them around the country for trade shows and clients, but he announced this morning that after Thanksgiving weekend, he'll be setting up shop in Phoenix and opening the doors to Hard Goods at 5215 N. Central Ave..

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The shop, next to Churn and Windsor in Phoenix, will carry Gore's concrete goods as well as sunglasses by Shwood, leather goods from Bison Made, prints from local designer Kelsey Dake, as well as other carefully curated offerings -- including concrete planters, straight razors, and aluminum iPhone cases.

Home Transformers Gore Design185.jpg
Courtesy of Brandon Gore
Gore says he needed a venue to get his products in front of customers as well as a "space to offer additional well-designed, hand-crafted products from other companies."

While you're waiting, check out Hard Good's latest on the Hard Goods website, read about his projects and artisan concrete news in his publication, Concrete Cartel, and check out more of his work on Gore Design Co.

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Courtesy of Brandon Gore

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Riley McPherson
Riley McPherson

^^^^^i have an idea how to save hostess....start making their food products out of healthy whole food products.....say macadamia creme filled bananas for starters mmmmm.....see we already know how to make all these yummy treats in healthy ways but they don't want to re-invent themselves like any good ole long lasting american company does....no they will just find a new way to poison us.... :(

Edward Anthony Green
Edward Anthony Green

hehehe, nice one New Times, we may not always agree, but that was funny! ~Ed

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

We can only truly redeem ourselves if we help facilitate the death of those yellow submarines of the apocalypse.

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