Five Must-See Arts and Culture Events This Week

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Phoenix Art Museum
Wednesday, November 28: "Designing the '20s" @ Phoenix Art Museum
Fans of HBO's Boardwalk Empire (ourselves included) know that the show's 1920s-style wardrobe rivals in engrossing spectacle the intricate, gangster-heavy, Prohibition-set plot. Instead of focusing on Nucky Thompson's dilemmas or Gillian Darmody's endless mine of creepiness, a closer look at what they wear and why likely would prove just as exciting as a shootout or covert affair.

Serendipitously, Boardwalk's costume designer John Dunn will discuss the decade's duds and how he incorporates them into characters' closets during the talk "Designing the '20s."Accompanying Dunn will be Doris Raymond, who owns L.A. vintage boutique The Way We Wore and lent pieces to Phoenix Art Museum for its current fashion exhibition, "Modern Spirit." -- Becky Bartkowski

Thursday, November 29: "Micro Dwell 2012" @ Shemer Art Center & Museum
"Think big." That's the motto of optimists the world over. Sure, some stellar things fit into that category, like Sesame Street's best bird and that Tom Hanks movie. But, big isn't always best. See, for instance, one bad wolf and a watchful brother. We're more into realism, and so are the folks responsible for the exhibition "Micro Dwell 2012."

Turns out, living and working in teeny, tiny spaces is all the rage -- the more portable and minimal the structure, the better. That trend inspired this exhibition of owner-built structures that measure 600 square feet or less. -- Becky Bartkowski

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