Five Must-See Arts and Culture Events This Week

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We know, the beginning of the work week sucks. But if you take a quick look at the calendar, you'll see we're off to a pretty good week of art events, sports games, dance parties, and more. Here are our must-see events from now to the weekend...


Monday, November 26: Beers With Friends Scrabble Party @ Handlebar & Grill
Real talk. We play what probably would be classified as an excessive amount of Words With Friends. We love those triple word squares, picking up a "Q," and toiling to come up with killer plays. But, the Scrabble knockoff app doesn't live up to the real deal, and often leaves us craving physical letter tiles and keeping manual score.

To satisfy such a hankering, the cure resides at Tempe establishment Handlebar & Grill, which hosts the weekly Beers With Friends Scrabble Party. The booze-fueled tourney pits against each other teams of four and rewards gift cards, beers, and french fries for making special plays and winning. -- Becky Bartkowski

Tuesday, November 27: Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation @ Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
If, like many Americans, your knowledge of Indonesia is only slightly greater than your knowledge of advanced quantum mechanics, and if your vague perceptions of the country with the world's largest Muslim population are in need of shattering, a trip to Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts, 7380 East Second Street, on Tuesday, November 27, may do the trick.

Aside from coffee, the quintet known as Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation is quite possibly the Indonesian island of Java's finest export. In what is perhaps one of the most intriguing amalgamations of modern music-making, the crew blends Javanese poetry, traditional gamelan ensemble timbres, and western hip-hop beats to create a sound entirely their own. That makes them, without a doubt, the forebears of a genre that you probably never thought you'd see in print: Indonesian Hip-hop. Price: $9-$29 -- Rob Kroehler

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