The Seven Most Unique Local Super Heroes and Villains at the Epic Super Hero Battle

Categories: Fun

epic super hero battle - the night night defender.JPG

5. The Night Night Defender
Allignment: Hero
Powers: Protecting people after they go to bed after being scared herself. "I get help from the sandman and I can project evil sand on the monsters."
Defining Characteristics: Green longjohns and a stuffed animal sidekick.
Alter Ego: Daleena Mendoza

epic super hero battle -  hatred man.JPG

4. Hatred Man
Powers: The ability to hate anyone at any given time, as well as a talent for making people who feel good to suddenly change their mood and instead feel bad.
Defining Characteristic: The plastic colander he wears for a helmet. "I love spaghetti," he says. "It's the only thing that Hatred Man can cook for his evil villainess."
Alter Ego: Jason Harvey, a Starbucks barista.

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