The Seven Most Unique Local Super Heroes and Villains at the Epic Super Hero Battle

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epic super hero battle 2012 scottsdale group photo.JPG
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
The heroes and villains that participated in this weekend's Epic Super Hero Battle in Scottsdale. See more pictures via our slideshow.
If your backyard or car was dirtied by any of those pesky haboobs that swept across the Metro Phoenix landscape the past few summers, feel free to blame local evildoer Doctor Anubis. Never heard of him? We hadn't either, until we encountered the heretofore unknown Valley villain at the Epic Super Hero Battle in Old Town Scottsdale this past Saturday.

The costumed comic book-style scoundrel, who bears a striking resemblance to podcaster/digital strategist Evo Terra, claims to have conjured up each of those chaotically massive dust storms via the ancient evil spirits that possess his body...or something to that effect.

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Doctor Anubis and his alleged dirty deeds weren't the only kooky character or bizarre backstory that crossed our paths at the annual event, which is put on by the urban pranksters of Improv AZ and involves a rogue's gallery of unique local super heroes and super villains seeking adventure and doing battle against one another. Much like the Avengers initiative, we assembled a list of some of the most memorable costumed characters that participated in this weekend's event and apparently live among us mere mortals of the Valley. Excelsior!


7. Amorata
Allignment: Hero
Powers: Releasing repressed compassion in people so that it can pierce through the evil in people's hearts.
Defining Characteristic: A towering black and white hairdo.
Alter Ego: Erin Jeffries

epic super hero battle - doctor devolution.JPG

6. Doctor Devolution
Allignment: Villain
Powers: Vast scientific knowledge and a ray gun that de-evolves humanoids into apes.
Defining Characteristics: A blue energy dome helmet, goggles, and the willingness to cause homo sapiens to revert to their primitive state. "I was bitten by a radioactive ape and when I didn't develop super-powers, I became really upset and decided to de-evolve everybody into apes," he says.
Alter Ego: Roy Evolution

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