Ellen Forney Talks Mental Health, the Life of a "Crazy Artist," and Her latest Graphic Novel, Marbles

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courtesy of Ellen Forney
With this very personal book out, your first to be published by a big publisher, lots of advance publicity, many interviews and a book tour, do you feel secure about maintaining your health?
I'm good. I've got so many tools. I know I can steady my boat. I can recognize when I need some help. From myself, to go meditate. From my support system or a meds adjustment. The short answer is yes.

After your diagnosis, you began a yoga practice and at one point considered becoming an instructor. I've heard more than a few people say that yoga helped them through depression.
There are different images that have helped me. One of the things, when I was first diagnosed, the concept of balance seemed very boring. [With yoga] in a very literal way you need to balance. So I'm doing half-moon and I can believe in the value of both reaching out and using strength within at the same time. Balance.

From early in your practice, I love the image you drew of clouds of anxiety hanging over you during Shavasana, because I've had those heebie-jeebies while in that supposedly restful pose.
Where? What page are you talking about?

Page 125. Oops, actually, you're in plank pose.
And on the next page, as I'm in Shavasana, they're small and round. The other drawing is what I based the cover on.

I love that cover. I'm embarrassed that I just made that Shavasana image up to fit my own experience.
Well that just makes it your book, too. I wanted that for people when they read it, that it becomes their book, too.

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