Cycle: Underground Crit Brings Aggressive Group Riding to North Phoenix

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UC TF Lap Call.jpg
photo by Jason Franz
Tim Fleming calls out the number of remaining laps as cyclists pass along the uphill stretch.
The course is quite possibly the safest in all of metro Phoenix as it has just two roads that lead into the otherwise closed loop, and there is little to no reason for any cars to come in on either street because of the total lack of development on any of the land in or around the loop. While neither road is outright blocked during the rides, Fleming and other bystanders make sure that cars don't just slip onto the course.

The ride often does more than provide local roadies a chance to drill it on a Tuesday evening. Throughout December, all riders will need to contribute at least one can of food to get on the course with donations going to a local food bank. Over Halloween, the ride featured costume and pumpkin carving contests.

And on Jan. 19, Fleming and the Underground Crit will hold the Not So Underground Crit, a true-blue official criterium race on the course with actual prizes and officiating, with proceeds going to a local non-profit.

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