ASU to Ban Smoking on all Campuses in 2013

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Light up while you can, stressed-out college friends, Arizona State University announced late last week that all campuses and affiliate properties will ban smoking and aim to become 100 percent tobacco-free effective August 1, 2013.

The ban will include "all manner of smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products," according to the incoming official policy, and will apply to all of the university's properties -- including facilities, grounds (indoor and outdoor), parking structures, university-owned vehicles, and structures owned or leased by the university

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According to ASU, the ban was initiated and pushed forward by students and supported by the faulty Academic Senate and University Staff Council. More than 800 universities and colleges in the U.S. currently have similar policies.

The university plans on taking a "community enforcement" approach and will rely on university members to help "educate" those around them on the new policy. Workshops and information guides will be provided for students and staff who wish to quit tobacco and a video explaining the ban will likely be pumped through the university system through the end of the year.

Tobacco-free ASU from ASU News on Vimeo.

No word on potential consequences or tickets for smokers or how the university plans on forcing smokers to put out cigarettes on campus (seriously, good luck around the art buildings).

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66rock topcommenter

So, that means any ticket buying smokers members of the public would have to return to their own vehicles to have a smoke of a legal substance then?

Cris Cross
Cris Cross

Its their property. If you want to smoke. Go somewhere else. I don't want people smoking on my property either. So if your so bad ass that you think you can smoke wherever you want. Come on and try it. Im a big guy that loves to kick the shit out of people that think they have the right to disregard other peoples wishes on their property. Or mine.


Good luck enforcing that, dumb asses. You might have some success with cigarettes, but smokeless products? Give me a break. Epic fail.

Jennifer Salazar
Jennifer Salazar

There are so many times I've been walking to campus and someone blows smoke in my face as it drifts over towards other people too. I'm not against smoking...just not in my face. Even when I've walked around to avoid it...there it is.

Ri Cooter Brown Senn
Ri Cooter Brown Senn

No I'm a fuckin grown man ill smoke wherever the fuck I want to,fuck yo fresh air if u want fresh air get the hell out my personal bubble or go up wind but don't tell me what the hell to do.

66rock topcommenter

Ha, I can improve on that, " any members of the public who are smokers, that buy tickets for an ASU concert or event",  well I tried but you get who I mean. 

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