Street Artist Yote Visualizes "Welcoming Arizona" with The Bienvenidos Project

Categories: Visual Art
For his first run in 2010, Yote made the signs from hand-cut stencils. But he says it became time-consuming, so he sold a small edition of the prints online and used the funds to produce the signs commercially.

Yote recalls being fascinated by graffiti in D.C. as a child. By the time blogs like Wooster Collective (which has featured Yote a number of times) started gaining popularity in the early 2000s, Yote was paying close attention to graffiti and street art all over the world.

"I strongly believe I am participating in the largest art movement in history and believe graffiti, specifically, will be talked about that way in the future," Yote says. "I volunteered at a local infoshop for a couple years and Anarchism, the animal rights movement. I became interested in working outside the system to create change, and that easily transferred to my art and my participation in the art world."

Lately, Yote has been actively volunteering with, helping paint a billboard that raises awareness about respecting sacred sites and the poorly planned development along the East Rim of the Grand Canyon.

More of Yote's work can be seen on his Flickr page.

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