Five Photo Manipulation Apps for iPhone/iPad

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To say that Instagram is the most popular photo editing app available today would be an understatement. With user numbers surpassing the 100 million mark, you'd probably be pretty hard-pressed to find an iPhone without the familiar brown vintage camera icon.

But for those of us who are beginning to tire of making all of the photos of what we're eating look retro, there are other apps out there that do a billion other cool things (and don't worry, most of them maintain the ability to share across social networks so your friends can still see your cat making weird faces).

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1. snapseed

Snapseed tops our list of photo-editing apps on the market right now. One of the coolest features is that you can adjust the color saturation and contrast point by point in a photograph. You literally just touch a point with your finger and then there is a number at the bottom of the screen that can move up or down -- super easy and user-friendly. There are a ton of other effects: image rotation, auto correct, cropping, filters, etc. But what makes this app stand out is the sleek design and intuitive usability. Seriously, if you are only in the market for one new photo app, let it be this one. Or if you aren't in the market for a new photo app, buy it anyway.
Cost: $4.99

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I really like this new app called Pixies (plus it's free, so bonus!). It's more quirky and fun, in comparison to other photo manipulation apps in the itunes store, If you have any kiddos, they'll definitely love it.   

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