TNA Superstar Sting on Battling Aces and Eights, Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Drama, and the Possibility of Someday Jumping to WWE

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Courtesy of TNA
Sting battles Mr. Anderson during an episode of Impact Wrestling

This weekend, you're being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. How big of an honor is that?
Yeah, and the very first one, too. And it is an honor and I didn't expect it. At all. I was not in on it. A lot of people think that I knew that it was going to be me, [but] I had no idea. There we were in Arlington doing the [Slammiversary] pay-per-view and I've got a main event match against Bobby Roode and Dixie [Carter] is in the ring and she's making the announcement. And every wrestler from Hulk Hogan all the way down is standing up there and nobody knows.

And, I've told this story a couple times, they're playing the tape of the next inductee and I'm watching it going, "Great, whoever it is, they're showing me getting beat up by whoever the new inductee is." And then I realized I wasn't getting beat up in that video. And [in] the next shot I wasn't getting beat up. It was all about me. Jeremy Borash is standing next to me and goes, "Uh, I think it's you." I was like, "Nah." I'm thinking, if they're going to give it to someone who's still active in the ring, why not guys like AJ, [Samoa] Joe, or guys that came before me like Jeff Jarrett, who started TNA for crying out loud. It's humbling.

Conversely, do you think you'll ever make it into the WWE's Hall of Fame? Especially since they've inducted people who were never even involved with the federation, like Eddie Graham or Gordon Solie?
Well, I know every year there seems to be talk of it. There's rumors that always fly. It was all over the Internet pretty big last year or the year before. So, I don't know, especially now that I will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They may just turn the page at that point. I have no idea.

Is it frustrating that a big portion of your career -- and ultimately, your legacy -- is controlled by another company?
Yeah, that's tough for me. It really is. I've been public about this over the years, although I don't feel that way anymore. At that particular time [when WWE bought WCW] it was like the enemy came in and took all the women and children, raped and pillaged and whatever else happened. It was a hostile takeover. It was surreal. I could not believe it, you know? And when [WCW] ended it was a weird deal. There have been times over the years where I wanted to have some footage to use for other personal things in life and I don't have it. Although I did call once and they were great. They gave me whatever I needed and it was nice.

Was it for your DVD from a few years ago or for something else altogether?
It was for religious purposes. I was giving testimony in churches and different places like that and I just wanted to have some footage. And, of course, as long as it was going to be used in that setting, they didn't really mind.

WWE has generally been complimentary towards you on DVDs and such. Do you think one of the reasons the WWE does that a gave you the footage was to help convince you to finally make the jump?
Oh, I don't think that WOULD HAVE anything to do with it. I mean, they're businesspeople trying to make the best product they can and I guess they saw value in it, so they did it the way they did it. I don't think it has anything to do with trying to woo me in or something.

What would it take for them to get you in a WWE ring?
Ahhh...It's too tough of a question to answer because its not just what they would do. It would have to depend on what the dynamics of that particular time would be. What's going on? What's the context? For example, right here with TNA. What are my choices? You just never say never.

Is there anyone in the WWE or Ring of Honor that you'd still like to hook up with someday?
Everybody knows, as far as non-TNA wrestlers, it would have to be Taker. Always wanted to have one real cool thing with Taker.

Have you ever interacted with The Undertaker outside of wrestling? Like, perchance, after running into him at an airport or something?
The last time I spoke with him is when he was with WCW.

Back when he was "Mean" Mark Callous?
Yup. That was the last time. Teddy Long was his manager and I actually worked with him. We worked a few matches.

Ric Flair has dealt with financial and personal issues within the last few years. And Hulk Hogan is the midst of his sex tape controversy. Is it hard seeing your friends go through such heavy-duty drama? Especially since, because of your lifestyle, you'd never have to deal with such things?
Yeah, of course it is. Hulk, for example, he's a different guy now. What is surfacing now is...really it's from his past. It was the old Hogan. It's a consequence that he's dealing with from his past and there's nothing he can do about it. But the truth of the matter is, he's a different guy now. His life is changed, he's got a new wife, and he's happy. But he's not gonna try to sweep it under the rug and pretend that its not there and deny that it happened. He's going to admit, "Yup, I blew it. Its what I did. And, unfortunately, it's a bad choice that I made, but it is what it is." That was then and this is now. Trying to cover it all up is going to make it worse for him and he knows that.

As far as Ric goes. I feel bad for Ric. I'm not about everything that's going on in his life right now, but I talk to him occasionally. I talked to him a month ago, I think, and I always want the best for him. I love Ric. I'd kill for that guy.

Is it frustrating that Hogan's controversy is dominating the mainstream media's coverage of TNA and stealing the spotlight a bit from the buildup for Bound for Glory, the biggest pay-per-view of the year? Or is bad publicity still publicity, period?
Well, I don't necessarily believe that people that are going to buy a ticket or pay attention to Bound For Glory -- whether they just found out about it, don't know about it, or whatever. I don't think the tape or anything like that is going to have any bearing. They're there to see Bound For Glory. People are coming to see the TNA wrestling stars and they want to see the storyline unfold. I don't think that he is outshining TNA (laughs). Maybe from, you know, the rest of the world, but the TNA audience itself? Yeah, I'm sure they're going to be curious about it, but -- for the most part -- they care about the storylines. They want to watch Bound For Glory. That's what I believe.

Total Nonstop Action's Bound For Glory takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 14, at Grand Canyon University Area. Tickets start at $10.

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