State Fair Gone Wrong: The Bad, The Worse ... And Something That Could Kill You

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Indiana State Fair 2011
Once a year, we get to see fair grounds at their finest: full of carnival rides, livestock and way too much fried food. It's a fall ritual. And starting this Friday in Phoenix, we'll gather together to celebrate the weirdest our state has to offer, from over-size legumes to best-looking livestock.

It all sounds nice and rosy ... but what about when things go wrong?

Just in time for this year's festivities, we've gathered this list of state fair horror stories - the funny-but-bad, the worse...and one thing that could actually kill you.

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5. "Funny Crazy Drunk Blonde redneck riding bull FAIL at the state fair Swearing"

Apparently California girls aren't always so great.

4. Stranded on the Sky Glider

We think about it every time we board a ride at the state fair. "Pop-up" works great for trendy restaurants and portable chairs, but carnival rides? We're still not convinced. And three-hour rescue efforts like these aren't making us any more confident.

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