Suit Up, Ladies: Sexy Halloween Costumes Are Far From Being "Over"

Sexy devils and Werewolves in downtown Phoenix over Halloween weekend. Photo by Benjamin Leatherman
Halloween parties rocked bars and clubs across Phoenix last weekend, and because the official day lands smack in the middle of the week, we're planning on seeing more costumed party-goers out and about tomorrow night through this weekend.

This year's popular costumes have been all over the pop culture map. And when the Arizona Republic's Megan Finnerty claimed "sexy" Halloween was on its way out, we did a double take.

We saw more far-reaching sexy costumes and sexy angles on a zombie than we care to outline. Slate Magazine shot the Republic piece down yesterday as a trend piece with no evidence of an actual trend, and we have to agree. If Finnerty was looking for a real Halloween trend, she could have thrown a rock and hit one in her backyard.

In fact, Phoenix is home to a national company that specializes in -- wait for it -- sexy Halloween costumes. And reports record sales this year.

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A sexy Mad Hatter and her friend in a sexy something costume in Scottsdale over Halloween weekend.
Sexy referees, SWAT team members, vampires, Cleopatras, Mad Hatters, Avatar creatures, ladybugs, firefighters, household animals, cowgirls, zombies, candy land board games, Sesame Street characters, and whatever this woman is trying to dress up as are still the norm.

We covered a number of parties in downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale and found that -- believe it or not -- women still want to be sexy somethings for Halloween. And whether or not their fathers, exes, or bathroom mirrors approve, they'll continue dressing as sexy somethings as long as the Halloween punch is around.

Finnerty cites a declining Yahoo search for "sexy Halloween costumes" (down 47 percent since 2010), a psychologist who studies Facebook photos, and responses from a few shoppers at Easley's -- a Phoenix Halloween Costume store -- as proof the trend is dying.

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