SEEDspot Announces the Inaugural Class of Entrepreneurial Ventures

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The 2012 SEED SPOT ventures are:

eMoneyPool (Founders: Francisco Cervera & Luis Cervera) - an online platform for peer-lending groups.

HearBudz (Founder: Scott MacDonald) - a new consumer product that aims to make listening to music via earbuds much safer.

Invictus Nourishment (Founder: D. Glenn Simmons) - a nutritional bite-size snack that is naturally fortified with nourishing food, individually packaged, and specifically designed for children and nursing mothers in the developing world.

My Bookalicious (Founder: Pamela Chambers) - a virtual tutoring state-of-the-art website that facilitates online reading, online interaction between students-teachers, and students' progress evaluation.

Brett Approved (Founder: Brett Heising) - a travel website dedicated to helping physically challenged/disabled travelers make informed travel-related decisions.

Stuttering King Bakery (Founder: Matthew Cottle) - a bakery with a vision to impact the autistic world and serve as an inspiration for other autistic people to be productive, active members of the community.

SaucyPants (Founders: Kristi Murphy &Coreen Murphy) - a website that lends a hand in the fight against childhood obesity one recipe at a time.

Paper Clouds Apparel
(Founder: Robert Thornton) - a t-shirt company with a conscience. Paper Clouds Apparel takes artwork created by special needs individuals and put it on Earth friendly, super soft, bamboo shirts.

PoppyPocket (Founder Julie Hyzdu) - an pouch to hold infusion pump systems and other medical devises comfortably and securely against the body to avoid equipment being tangled, pulled and damaged.

BooGud Bicycles (Founder: Derrick Loud) - an attachable hand-cycle that turns any wheelchair into a hand driven tricycle, allowing individuals in the developing world the opportunity to travel through rough terrain with ease.

Loyal to the Soil (Founders: Chris Nieto, Jim Malloy & Rachel Malloy) - a logistics, marketing, and product development company that sells and markets locally sourced, designed, and manufactured products.

Gardenfly (Founders: Corey Abramowitz & Rochelle Welnack) - a web and mobile-based application that enables backyard gardeners to buy, sell, or trade their homegrown produce.

11th Monk3y (Founder: Ruben Gonzales) - will help people convert their creative vision into an actual product or art form; bringing a doodle on paper to the computer to physical form.

Elevated Athletics (Founder: Ty Olatoye) - a company that will build a new model for how young athletes are trained and prepared to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

SitGREEN Eco-Friendly Furniture (Founder: Jon Irons) - provides an answer to the 9 million tons of furniture waste added to our landfills each year.

The Peace Frame (Founder: Caleb Barclay) - a nonprofit dedicated to creating video and photographs that shed human light on misunderstood peoples around the globe.

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